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Case Studies - Brownfield, Waste & Geotechnical

SEIC Waste Study, Russian Fed

Client: Sakhalin Energy Investment Company
Location: Sakhalin Island, Russian Federation
Date: February 2002 - December 2004
Project: Sakhalin II Project, Solid Waste Management

Appointed in February 2002, IT Russia Services Inc. as lead consultant led the project for the provision of a detailed Solid Waste Management Plan for the overall Sakhalin II project. Abricon provided technical support and guidance on EU Compatibility and Compliance, and western Best Practice.

The overall scope of work within the framework of the project included:

  • Waste stream identification and quantification, (Onshore Processing Facility, 800km of pipeline construction, marine loading terminal and LNG plant);
  • Selection of appropriate site(s) for solid waste handling, treatment, and disposal facilities;
  • Preparation of a SWMP and a site-specific design specification for a total system of waste handling, treatment, and disposal;
  • Development of a basis of design document, project description, and design specifications;
  • Development of a specific plan for handling, storing, recycling and disposal of identified toxic waste streams;
  • Preparation of public consultation materials; and
  • Assistance in presenting, discussing and reaching agreement on SWMP details with the Sakhalin Administration and the public.