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Buying or selling a site?

When developing or redeveloping a brownfield site, issues arising from previous site uses can have serious implications for the project

Brownfield sites may present problems such as buried structures, underground storage tanks, waste arisings, soil and groundwater contamination.

Unless these issues are promptly and efficiently dealt with, development may be disrupted and the sale of properties or the occupation of the site may be delayed. With appropriate management however, a brownfield site may be successfully redeveloped and turned into a real asset.

Abricon provides the full range of services to efficiently deal with the problematic brownfield sites.

  • Free initial advice on the best way forward, giving you a realistic idea of what the regulators are likely to expect
  • We will scope a site investigation or desk study, based on regulatory requirements, leading to the most cost effective solution
  • We can liaise with the regulators on your behalf
  • Abricon believe in taking a risk based approach which is consistent with regulatory requirements. We do not remediate a site unless this is the only option;  always considering alternates such as breaking the source-pathway-receptor chain
  • Our team has significant expertise in dealing with difficult sites, including those contaminated with explosive, ordnance, dioxins, and pesticides, and those with waste management issues

We see our clients as partners and aim to foster a long-term relationship with them

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Species covered under Annexes B, C & D of the Bat Mitigation Class Licence: Common Pipistrelle, Soprano Pipistrelle, Brown Long-eared, Daubenton's, Natterer's, Whiskered, Brandt's, Serotine and Lesser horseshoe.

- October 18, 2018

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Aerial Bat Tree Climbing Inspections and Bat Survey Licence

6th February 2018

Our ecology team members, Samuel Olney and Aaron Isaacs, have been very busy this winter and it is our pleasure to announce that they have achieved their CS38 Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue Level 2 certifications. Samuel Olney has also been approved as being sufficiently experienced to hold a Bat Class 2 survey licence from […]

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