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Environmental Permitting

Many industrial and waste management activities require an operating permit under The Environmental Permitting Regulations (England and Wales) 2010.  The objective of the regulations is to protect the environment and human health.

The ‘Regulations’ set out three categories of activities; Part A1, A2 and Part B.  Part A1 and most waste activities are regulated by the Environment Agency,  while Part A2 and Part B permits are regulated by the Local Authority including foundries, petrol stations and concrete crushers, sawmills and paint manufacturers.

Why do I need an Environmental Permit?

Unless controlled some activities have the potential to harm the environment or human health.  Therefore the Environmental Permitting Regime (“the Regime”) requires operators to obtain permits for some facilities, the registration of exemptions for other facilities, and allows ongoing supervision of potentially harmful activities by the regulators.

Abricon can help with:

  • Identifying which facilities that need environmental permits, and which maybe registered as exempt
  • The process for registering exemptions
  • Applying for and determining your individual permit applications
  • Determining what conditions need to be met to protect the environment, as required by Directives and national policy
  • Assisting you with changing or surrendering your new environmental permits / old PPC licences
  • Understanding the new permitting system (now called standard rules)
  • Implementing any individual / company specific compliance obligations

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