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COTC Cover

Need a COTC Cover for your site? No problem! We are here to help.

Contacting us about COTC Cover can therefore save you both time and money! 

With decades of operational experience in all types of waste facilities, we therefore fully understand the challenges in operating waste management sites of all types.

Our customers include construction companies, scrap metal yards, local authorities, skip hire or waste management companies. Abricon also provides COTC Cover for mobile plant operations, transfer stations, treatment plants and landfill sites.

Our WAMITAB trained COTC (Certificate of Technical Competence) holders advise on legal and policy requirements, and minimise environmental and human health risks created on site. Abricon achieves this through implementation of a site Environmental Management System, ensuring that your company is operating within the rules of either a Standard Rules Permit or a Bespoke Permit.

As COTC holder, Abricon provides full time and interim COTC Cover, providing technically competent management. If your current COTC holder is off sick, on holiday, or left the company,  We can step in until the current holder returns, or a replacement has been found.

Abricon works with your employees, who are working towards their own COTC award, whilst providing COTC Cover. We assist them in achieving their certificate in an expedited time frame, providing savings to you.

Employing full-time, fully qualified staff can be costly; especially when you require technically competent management cover for a few hours a week, or even less for closed landfill. This depends on your site and the permits you hold. Abricon provides COTC Cover to satisfy the Environment Agency’s requirements be it short, medium or long-term.

Contact Us Now for Free Initial Advice And Guidance on Providing You With COTC Cover.


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